[CinCV TNG] Cinelerra rendering does not work when screen is locked on Lubuntu 16.04.1 (GG Cinelerra 5.1)

W P BADFLAGELLO at hotmail.it
Sat Dec 24 14:27:55 CET 2016

Hi all, yesterday I started a project and began rendering it, It took a long time and decided to go to bed and see the rendered result in the morning. When I woke up and checked I noticed that the rendering % was the same as when I went to bed :/According to Xfce power manager my computer does not get suspended as the settings is on "never". Therefore the computer even when screen locked was still active. Cinelerra howeer did not continue to render.I don't know if this is a normal behavior of Cinelerra (and if there a way to avoid it) or an issue of my system or the software. Any clarification?:)
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