[CinCV TNG] Blu-ray rendering - 1440x1080 template

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2004 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 22 23:26:38 CET 2016

Terje: I was in the processing of answering a previous email 
which is probably no longer relevant!
In the Batch Render window, output file name, DO NOT RENAME the file from bd.m2tsto anything else. In fact don't change anything from the default name.  I think thatis at least one problem.  When I renamed it from bD.m2ts to pys.m2ts, it failed tocreate a valid bd.udfs.
Let me know if that workaround works, and if not, I will finishmy previous email.  Thanks, Phyllis
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I try two issue bd_projects once more:

> The files are there -- you just can't see them!  You have to loop 
> mount them.
> If you do this and still can't see them, then it may be something 
> missing in
> the O/S from your upgrade.  GG is going to upgrade to 42.4 Leap real soon
> and I will test there too.

1)  5 files, empty udfs folder and empty bd.udfs file:

ls -1R /home/terje/Cin_Video/bd_20161214-001251


du -h /home/terje/Cin_Video/bd_20161214-001251/*
4.0K    /home/terje/Cin_Video/bd_20161214-001251/bd.sh
112K    /home/terje/Cin_Video/bd_20161214-001251/bd.udfs
8.0K    /home/terje/Cin_Video/bd_20161214-001251/bd.xml
741M    /home/terje/Cin_Video/bd_20161214-001251/hdv01_03_bd.m2ts
4.0K    /home/terje/Cin_Video/bd_20161214-001251/udfs

umount /home/terje/Cin_Video/bd_20161214-001251/udfs
umount: /home/terje/Cin_Video/bd_20161214-001251/udfs: not mounted

cd /home/terje/Cin_Video/bd_20161214-001251
mount -o loop ./bd.udfs udfs/

ls udfs

2) 4 files, empty udfs folder and no bd.udfs file:

ls -1R /home/terje/Cin_Video/bd_20161216-182850


du -h /home/terje/Cin_Video/bd_20161216-182850
4.0K    /home/terje/Cin_Video/bd_20161216-182850/udfs
487M    /home/terje/Cin_Video/bd_20161216-182850

Terje J. H

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