[CinCV TNG] Fw: When loading files add option to show mp4 and mkv only files (GG Cinelerra 5.1)

Terje J. Hanssen terje at nordland-teknikk.no
Tue Dec 20 23:43:25 CET 2016

I will just add that I use standard GNOME 3.20.4 deskop sessions on Leap 
42.2, in case this should be of any importance for this behaviour (I 
don't think so).
Typing *.mp4 does work for me in both Cinelerra-CV and Cinelerra-GG, 
though it at first time seemed not to work. After I deleted the default 
"*" with backspace and next typed  *.mp4 from scratch in the empty 
field, it worked fine later.

Terje J. H

Den 20. des. 2016 22:25, skrev Phyllis Smith:
> W. P.:
> Sorry, I totally misunderstood, so ignore previous response.
> It should work as Terje already mentioned as it does on Leap
> and for me on Fedora.  I will test ubuntu (not quite the same
> as lubuntu though) later.
> One thing I did that made it easier to see it working that might
> help is once you have selected the directory/folder, use the
> down arrow to select just the * selection so you see all the
> files first.  Then modify the * to be *.mkv and hit carriage return.
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> W P:
> At one time, there seemed to have been a project started to add user 
> folders which
> would have been a nice way to organize all mp4/mkv or whatever files 
> to be grouped.
> It is on my Debugle list of "To Do's" for GG, along with 77 other 
> things.  It is not an
> easy or pretty thing to finish (probably why it was abandoned).
> However, an alternative that GG came up with as faster/easier that he 
> will look into
> is to add the option of "Sort list by Extension", similar to the 
> current "Sort list".  We
> are hoping that this sort grouping will provide an possible acceptable 
> solution if it can
> be easily implemented.   Phyllis
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> *Subject:* [CinCV TNG] When loading files add option to show mp4 and 
> mkv only files (GG Cinelerra 5.1)
> Hi guys, as per title when loading files it is possible let only some 
> formats show up in the folder, which is very useful. I noticed however 
> that the option to show mp4 only and mkv only is missing. I normally 
> convert mts file from my camcorder into mp4 so they end up all in the 
> same folders. Being able to switch and see mp4 files only or mkv would 
> be great since I (but I suppose many other people as well?) work a lot 
> with such popular formats. If it is an easy task I would kindly ask to 
> add it. Thank you! WP.
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