[CinCV TNG] When loading files add option to show mp4 and mkv only files (GG Cinelerra 5.1)

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W P: 
At one time, there seemed to have been a project started to add user folders whichwould have been a nice way to organize all mp4/mkv or whatever files to be grouped.It is on my Debugle list of "To Do's" for GG, along with 77 other things.  It is not aneasy or pretty thing to finish (probably why it was abandoned).
However, an alternative that GG came up with as faster/easier that he will look intois to add the option of "Sort list by Extension", similar to the current "Sort list".  Weare hoping that this sort grouping will provide an possible acceptable solution if it canbe easily implemented.   Phyllis

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 Subject: [CinCV TNG] When loading files add option to show mp4 and mkv only files (GG Cinelerra 5.1)
 <!--#yiv9275562333 P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}-->Hi guys, as per title when loading files it is possible let only some formats show up in the folder, which is very useful. I noticed however that the option to show mp4 only and mkv only is missing. I normally convert mts file from my camcorder into mp4 so they end up all in the same folders. Being able to switch and see mp4 files only or mkv would be great since I (but I suppose many other people as well?) work a lot with such popular formats. If it is an easy task I would kindly ask to add it. Thank you! WP.

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