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Terje J. Hanssen terje at nordland-teknikk.no
Mon Dec 19 01:12:27 CET 2016

First, thanks for your in-depth explanation and samples I will have this 
all in notice during further learning.

I downloaded the sample m2t(.mpeg) file and tested loading it in Cinelerra:

Changed also SF Interlace mode to "Top field first" as suggested for HDV 
in the CV-manual and according to mediainfo output.

1. Cin-CV:
Loading this M2T file, Cin-CV chrashed or aborted immediately  also this 
Tried aspect settings with 4:3 and 16;9. SD DV files loads ok however.

2. Cin-GG:
Loading the file with SF aspect ratio 4:3, only filled out the first 
video image on the timeline. Full audio tracks.
Loading the file after changing aspect ratio to 16:9 filled out video 
images on the whole timeline
I noticed no lengt difference between the video and audio tracks.

Cin-GG continued:
I loaded my own hdv.m2t files again.
SF aspect ratio looks to change automatic to 4:3 during file load.
This caused as previous mentioned 4:3 video images in Composer or Viewer 
playback (output)

Also Media "Match project" or "Match all" in the Resource window change 
the SF aspect ratio back from 16:9 to 4:3.

Changed SF aspect to 16:9, and yes, after that (have to save it with 
OK), 16:9 video was opened and displayed in the playback windows
Not sure why, but sometimes happened that the 16:9 still image here 
changed to 4:3 starting play or opposite.

I have also been thing about if the pixel aspect ratio could be set in 
SF,  it could possibly be an idea to test W.Ratio=1.33
But I haven't tried this yet, as I didn't know if W. Ration had this meaning

> Did you set /Track Size/ = /as Output Size/ ?

No. I read the manual section but could not find the program tool to do 
it (?)

Attach my sample screenshot here.

Terje J. H

Den 18. des. 2016 21:32, skrev igor_ubuntu:
> 2016-12-18 2:03 GMT+02:00 Terje J. Hanssen <terje at nordland-teknikk.no 
> <mailto:terje at nordland-teknikk.no>>:
>     /
>     "Output size", where and for what?
>     The reason for this question is that I think it is somewhat
>     confusing what the Project or Format settings really influence.
>     Loading a file (File > load) into Cinelerra I think of as the
>     "import" or "Input file", and correspondingly rendering as the
>     "export" or
>     "Output file".  Does Format settings influence one or both of these?
>     /
> If we very simplify and generalize some things, we can say that Š¾utput 
> size, canvas size in Set Format, match project size in Resources   
> mean one the same thing => size of your output file.
> + Read  in manual  about track size (it is very important !) /8.2.6 
> Track and output sizes
> /
> + Insertion strategy plays an important role.
>  Cinelerra has a insertion strategy `Replace ..`
>  Only this strategy type can change (automatically) project attributes 
> including output size.
>  But project attributes are only changed when loading XML.
>  If a user loads video file (not XML), project attributes are not 
> changed.
> It is written in the main manual and all CV* branches and HV work in 
> accordance with manual.
> Manual says about the strategy type:/
> All tracks in the current project are deleted and a set of new tracks 
> are created to match the source file.
> _Project attributes are only changed when loading XML. _
> If multiple files are selected for loading, Cinelerra adds a set of 
> new tracks for each file. New resources are created in the Resources 
> Window, replacing the current ones.
> /
> *
> Insertion strategy `Replace ..` in* *CGG* *does not work  in 
> accordance with manual*
> If a user loads video (not XML), CGG changes project attributes 
> (settings in SF) including output size (canvas size)
> Your project settings in SF (project size means output size) (in SF 
> window it is called as canvas size) will (automatically) get/have 
> output size same as your input loaded file and your result file from 
> cin will have size of the input file.
> CGG's manual does not describe this behavior..
> It says only:/
> ...The default asset is selected and causes the format frame rate and 
> sample rate to match media.
> /
>  Is it a bug, a glitch ? A feature ?
>  -------------------
> If a user loads video (not XML) in CV*/HV, ones do not change project 
> attributes (settings in SF) including output size (canvas size)
> If you load 1980x1080 input f.  with `Replace ..` for example on empty 
> timeline, but  Project i.e. Format settings (in SF window) have 
> f.examp. 720x576 (from previous project),  you will see in compositor 
> 720* canvas size and your result file from cin will have  720x576 size.
> In the case, if you want to have canvas size = 1980x1080 in compositor 
> and result file 1980x1080, you have to set output size in SF window as 
> 1980x1080.
> You can do it  in SF or in Resources.
> Right click on a video asset and selecting *Match project size* can be 
> convenient if your file was loaded in Resources  with `Create new 
> res.. only` and now you want to change canvas size accordingly to the 
> asset before loading it in to timeline to new track.
>     /Cin-CV seems to crash, but Cin-GG 5.1 loads my 1080i HDV.M2T
>     files when
>     Format settings is near correct. /
> I loaded /HDV 1080i m2t/ file from 
> http://mvd.homevideo.free.fr/films_HDV/20081103140154.m2t in CVO. 
> http://mvd.homevideo.free.fr/Gallery/ppa0.htm
> CVO works well with it. http://i.imgur.com/P5rbtnP.png
>     /Tried the Match project size which i.e adjusted the to 4:3 aspect
>     ratio.
>     Tried both without and with checking the Auto Aspect ration
>     button, but
>     in both cases the playback in the Compositor or Resource was displayed
>     with aspect 4:3 and not with 16:9. Should it?/
> Did you set /Track Size/ = /as Output Size/ ?
>  CGG works well for me. I can easily get both 4:3 and 16:9 with 
> http://mvd.homevideo.free.fr/films_HDV/20081103140154.m2t
> 4:3 http://i.imgur.com/US0sArt.png
> 16:9 http://i.imgur.com/457LebR.png
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