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> * "Output size", where and for what? The reason for this question is that
> I think it is somewhat confusing what the Project or Format settings really
> influence. Loading a file (File > load) into Cinelerra I think of as the
> "import" or "Input file", and correspondingly rendering as the "export" or
> "Output file".  Does Format settings influence one or both of these?*

If we very simplify and generalize some things, we can say that Š¾utput
size, canvas size in Set Format, match project size in Resources   mean one
the same thing => size of your output file.
+ Read  in manual  about track size (it is very important !)
*8.2.6 Track and output sizes*
+ Insertion strategy plays an important role.

 Cinelerra has a insertion strategy `Replace ..`
 Only this strategy type can change (automatically) project attributes
including output size.
 But project attributes are only changed when loading XML.
 If a user loads video file (not XML), project attributes are not changed.
It is written in the main manual and all CV* branches and HV work in
accordance with manual.

Manual says about the strategy type:

*All tracks in the current project are deleted and a set of new tracks are
created to match the source file. Project attributes are only changed when
loading XML. If multiple files are selected for loading, Cinelerra adds a
set of new tracks for each file. New resources are created in the Resources
Window, replacing the current ones. *

*Insertion strategy `Replace ..` in* *CGG* *does not work  in accordance
with manual*
If a user loads video (not XML), CGG changes project attributes (settings
in SF) including output size (canvas size)
Your project settings in SF (project size means output size) (in SF window
it is called as canvas size) will (automatically) get/have output size same
as your input loaded file and your result file from cin will have size of
the input file.

CGG's manual  does not describe this behavior..
It says only:

*...The default asset is selected and causes the format frame rate and
sample rate to match media. *
 Is it a bug, a glitch ? A feature ?

If a user loads video (not XML) in CV*/HV, ones do not  change project
attributes (settings in SF) including output size (canvas size)

If you load 1980x1080 input f.  with `Replace ..` for example on empty
timeline, but  Project i.e. Format settings (in SF window) have f.examp.
720x576 (from previous project),  you will see in compositor 720* canvas
size and your result file from cin will have  720x576 size.

In the case, if you want to have canvas size = 1980x1080 in compositor and
result file 1980x1080, you have to set output size in SF window as
You can do it  in SF or in Resources.
Right click on a video asset and selecting *Match project size* can be
convenient if your file was loaded in Resources  with `Create new res..
only` and now you want to change canvas size accordingly to the asset
before loading it in to timeline to new track.

> *Cin-CV seems to crash, but Cin-GG 5.1 loads my 1080i HDV.M2T files when
> Format settings is near correct. *

I loaded *HDV 1080i m2t* file from
http://mvd.homevideo.free.fr/films_HDV/20081103140154.m2t  in CVO.
CVO works well with it. http://i.imgur.com/P5rbtnP.png

> *Tried the Match project size which i.e adjusted the to 4:3 aspect ratio.
> Tried both without and with checking the Auto Aspect ration button, but in
> both cases the playback in the Compositor or Resource was displayed with
> aspect 4:3 and not with 16:9. Should it?*

Did you set *Track Size* = *as Output Size* ?
 CGG works well for me. I can easily get both 4:3 and 16:9 with
4:3 http://i.imgur.com/US0sArt.png
16:9  http://i.imgur.com/457LebR.png
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