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Is there a chance this can be put on the to-do list and included for 
testing and comparison not far away?

Yes, this should not be too time-consuming change and he is actuallythinking about stopping on the Motion Stabilization work temporarily,which is turning out to be much more complex than expected (alreadytaking 3 weeks). Usually a "not too time-consuming" change means about 4 hours.  Your previous list of potential changes for blu-ray will 
take a lot more studying and so is further down on the "to do" list.But most likely the change to accommodate timezone for BD 25i asdefault will be done at the same time.

In reference to the wikipaedia article note:
b MPEG-2 at 1440×1080 was previously not included in a draft version of the specification from March 2005
The book from which the last set of formats was setup, did not havethe 1440 formats listed so I guess it was written prior to the specs.
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Googling around, this topic, 1080i HDV.m2t 1440x1080 onto Blu-ray, has 
been discussed on several video editing forums previously.

The main consensus looks to have been:
When your footage is HDV MPEG-2 it should be rendered to MPEG-2 using 
the Blu-ray 1440x1080-50i, 25 Mbps video stream template.
Upscaling to 1920x1080 will involve all your work being re-encoded.

For HDV Distribution, wikipedia says:
* For consumer use, HDV-sourced video can be delivered on a Blu-ray Disc 
without re-encoding,
* can be converted to AVCHD and delivered on an AVCHD disc
* or can be downconverted to DVD-Video.

And the HD Blu-ray format does support MPEG-2 at 1440×1080
1440×1080 59.94i  4:3
1440×1080 50i      4:3
1440×1080 24p      4:3
1440×1080 23.976p    4:3

Cin-gg5.1 BD-render does support format templates for 1920, 1280 and 
720, but not the 1440x1080 format at the moment.
And I understand GG is busy ........., but yet:

Is there a chance this can be put on the to-do list and included for 
testing and comparison not far away?

Terje J. H

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