[CinCV TNG] Blu-ray rendering - 1440x1080 template

Terje J. Hanssen terje at nordland-teknikk.no
Sun Dec 18 15:54:48 CET 2016

Googling around, this topic, 1080i HDV.m2t 1440x1080 onto Blu-ray, has 
been discussed on several video editing forums previously.

The main consensus looks to have been:
When your footage is HDV MPEG-2 it should be rendered to MPEG-2 using 
the Blu-ray 1440x1080-50i, 25 Mbps video stream template.
Upscaling to 1920x1080 will involve all your work being re-encoded.

For HDV Distribution, wikipedia says:
* For consumer use, HDV-sourced video can be delivered on a Blu-ray Disc 
without re-encoding,
* can be converted to AVCHD and delivered on an AVCHD disc
* or can be downconverted to DVD-Video.

And the HD Blu-ray format does support MPEG-2 at 1440×1080
1440×1080 59.94i  4:3
1440×1080 50i      4:3
1440×1080 24p      4:3
1440×1080 23.976p     4:3

Cin-gg5.1 BD-render does support format templates for 1920, 1280 and 
720, but not the 1440x1080 format at the moment.
And I understand GG is busy ........., but yet:

Is there a chance this can be put on the to-do list and included for 
testing and comparison not far away?

Terje J. H

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