[CinCV TNG] Setting up a Project

Terje J. Hanssen terje at nordland-teknikk.no
Sun Dec 18 01:03:47 CET 2016

See my follow-up questions and comments in between:

Den 17. des. 2016 19:04, skrev igor_ubuntu:
> The output size is set in either *New* when creating a new project
> (old behavior) or *Settings->Format*.
> In the Resource window there is just another way to change the output
> size.

"Output size", where and for what?
The reason for this question is that I think it is somewhat confusing
what the Project or Format settings really influence.
Loading a file (File > load) into Cinelerra I think of as the "import"
or "Input file", and correspondingly rendering as the "export" or
"Output file".
Does Format settings influence one or both of these?

> Right click on a video asset and selecting *Match project size* is
> used to conform (automatically) the output size to the asset size.
> But if you used right click on a video asset and  wanted to have
> square pixels, you should go to SF and enable the option `Auto aspect
> ratio`
> –ětherwise you will have nonsquare pixels.
Cin-CV seems to crash, but Cin-GG 5.1 loads my 1080i HDV.M2T files when
Format settings is near correct. Tried the Match project size which i.e
adjusted the to 4:3 aspect ratio.
Tried both without and with checking the Auto Aspect ration button, but
in both cases the playback in the Compositor or Resource was displayed
with aspect 4:3 and not with 16:9. Should it?

On the other hand. BD rendering to 1920x1080 bd.m2t files workes well
and playback fine in VLC

> Probably `Match project size` is not a good name for the option
> because it looks as ".. to conform the asset to the output".
> But in fact it work vice versa, according to the manual:
> /" ..Right click on a video asset and select `Match project size` to
> conform the output to the asset."/

I agree on this, and interpreted it wrong first time, until I read and
article using this. An *unequivocal text would be better.

Terje J. H

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