[CinCV TNG] Need help for basic video editing

Johannes Sixt j6t at kdbg.org
Sat Dec 17 20:46:21 CET 2016

Am 17.12.2016 um 19:21 schrieb igor_ubuntu:
> 2016-12-14 23:42 GMT+02:00 Johannes Sixt <j6t at kdbg.org
> <mailto:j6t at kdbg.org>>:
>     Playback of audio is fine, but video is choppy, like max 2 frames
>     per second. Should I reencode to something else?
> Enabling the option `Play every frame`normalizes this "2fps-playback" of
> 1920*1080 avc/pcm.mov files.
> --
> But anyway this codec is not comfortable for editing. It is expedient to
> re-encode it in DNxHD or to mjpeg.mov

Thanks. I reencoded to MJPEG.

I also rendered to MJPEG, .MOV container. But the audio in the result 
was choppy. Therefore, I rendered audio separately to WAV, too.

Then reencoded both with this command:

ffmpeg -i junk.mov -i junk.wav -vcodec libx264 -crf 21 -acodec aac junk.mp4

Is it normal that the result, junk.mp4, is ~245MB for 3:05 minutes of 
video, 1080p at 50 FPS?

When I set the project frame rate to 25 FPS and encode like above, the 
result is still 230MB.

Isn't this much too large?

In both cases, the result is fine in kaffeine (both audio and video).

-- Hannes

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