[CinCV TNG] Need help for basic video editing

igor_ubuntu sitelve at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 19:21:26 CET 2016

> 2016-12-14 23:42 GMT+02:00 Johannes Sixt <j6t at kdbg.org>:

> Playback of audio is fine, but video is choppy, like max 2 frames per
> second. Should I reencode to something else?
Enabling the option `Play every frame` normalizes this "2fps-playback"
of 1920*1080
avc/pcm.mov files.
But anyway this codec is not comfortable for editing. It is expedient
to re-encode
it in DNxHD or to mjpeg.mov
If I want to do video for youtube, you should know that youtube  *always*
re-encodes *any* video. This means loss of quality.
 So selection of  optimal parameters of encoding for youtube - this is not a
trivial task.
The best way  - to render to yuv4mpeg master-file and then using  CL for

* I see this on the console a lot:*
> * [h264 @ 0x7fc56011d5f0]brainfart cropping not supported, this could look
> slightly wrong ...*

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