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2016-12-17 2:02 GMT+02:00 Terje J. Hanssen <terje at nordland-teknikk.no>:

> So far I've used Settings > Format in Cin-GG on Leap 42.2 to match the
> raw video files before loading (importing) them with File > Open.
> Now testing another method using File > New doesn't open the New Project
> dialog window, as it dows work in Cin-CV.
> Is this a possible bug?

 No, it is not a bug. It is a feature that was ported from HV.
It can be useful if a user continuously use "new" and wants to just keep
use same format.
But IMO the CV/old-HV-behavior is better. I prefer when a program
gives me freedom
of choice and does not make decisions instead of me.

The behavior is described in CGG-manual

*40.2 New File EfficiencyThe File→New pulldown is now more efficient, but
the behavior may differ from what you are used toseeing. Now "New" deletes
the current project and constructs a new empty project without bringing upa
“New Project” window. This window is not needed since the new project has
the same settings aswhat was previously loaded. If you want to change any
settings, just change in the Settings→Formatpulldown. Generally this saves
time since you don't have to X the New Project window over and overagain
while doing your work.*

> ---------------------------------

> What is .. the real difference between setting up
> ... ....
>> 2. Settings > Format
>> 3. Right click a loaded media clip in the Ressource windows and select
>> "Match the project ..." ?
The output size is set in either *New* when creating a new project (old
behavior) or *Settings->Format*.
In the Resource window there is just another way to change the output size.
Right click on a video asset and selecting *Match project size* is used to
conform (automatically) the output size to the asset size.

But if you used right click on a video asset and  wanted to have square
pixels, you should go to SF and enable the option `Auto aspect ratio`
Оtherwise you will have nonsquare pixels.

Probably `Match project size` is not a good name for the option because it
looks as ".. to conform the asset to the output".
But in fact it work vice versa, according to the manual:
*" ..Right click on a video asset and select `Match project size` to
conform the output to the asset."*

That is a reason why the string was/is translated wrong in some *.po files.
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