[CinCV TNG] Cinelerra renders a jerky movie

W P BADFLAGELLO at hotmail.it
Sat Dec 17 02:17:47 CET 2016

In my attempt to draw some icons for Cinelerra (believe it or no but I love the style of the original ones and I am trying to mimic it, but don't expect too much!) I also noticed that in GG version there are many plugins with similar functions I was trying to remove some on my Cinelerra just to see if it was easier finding the ones I use the most. I have two questions: Is there a way to remove a plugin (video/audio) from the software? The second is not a proper question but more like a curiosity, judging by the style of the icons I could come up with 3 origins for the audio plugins: Cinelerra plugins, FFMPEG plugins and a third category which I thought came from LADSPA (Kdenlive has them as well), am I right?
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