[CinCV TNG] Titles not loaded in GG-20161130

Good Guy good1.2guy at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 04:19:57 CET 2016

Fix will go in tomorrow.
Yes, I made a mistake.
Sorry for the extra work -- I misinterpreted your 1st email.
Thanks for pointing it out so quickly.  GG

On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 6:12 PM, Chris Williams <chris at dept42.com> wrote:

> It's very easy to reproduce:
> 1) Create a new, empty project.
> 2) Rename one of the default tracks.
> 3) Save the project.
> 4) Reload the project. The track name will be gone, set back to "Video 1"
> or whatever.
> If you examine the XML file, the track name is present -- it's just not
> being loaded. Track names are not loaded from any of my project files from
> older versions, either.
> The file->skip_tag() fix corrects this type of problem with xml files:
>> <TAG_A> tag_a data
>>    <TAG_B> tag_b data
>>      <TAG_A> nested tag_a data
>>      </TAG_A>
>>    </TAG_B>
>>    <TAG_C> data to avoid
>>    </TAG_C>
>> <TAG_A>
>> The first /TAG_A closer will trip if I use the patch you suggest, and read
>> the "data to avoid" members as valid data.  If you provide the session
>> file, and directions which illustrate how to produce the error, I will
>> definitely give it a look.  upload the example to datafilehost.com if the
>> files are too big for email.  The xml file structure of the session file
>> may be in error for some reason.
>> gg
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