[CinCV TNG] Titles not loaded in GG-20161130

Chris Williams chris at dept42.com
Fri Dec 16 02:12:14 CET 2016

It's very easy to reproduce:

1) Create a new, empty project.

2) Rename one of the default tracks.

3) Save the project.

4) Reload the project. The track name will be gone, set back to "Video 
1" or whatever.

If you examine the XML file, the track name is present -- it's just not 
being loaded. Track names are not loaded from any of my project files 
from older versions, either.

> The file->skip_tag() fix corrects this type of problem with xml files:
> <TAG_A> tag_a data
>    <TAG_B> tag_b data
>      <TAG_A> nested tag_a data
>      </TAG_A>
>    </TAG_B>
>    <TAG_C> data to avoid
>    </TAG_C>
> <TAG_A>
> The first /TAG_A closer will trip if I use the patch you suggest, and read
> the "data to avoid" members as valid data.  If you provide the session
> file, and directions which illustrate how to produce the error, I will
> definitely give it a look.  upload the example to datafilehost.com if the
> files are too big for email.  The xml file structure of the session file
> may be in error for some reason.
> gg

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