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Thu Dec 15 00:32:07 CET 2016

These tools are attractive, but can be deceptive.

I actually have developed a rule to test whether or not some kind of coding
is worth it.

If the cost saved by recoding is greater than the cost consumed in using
the original
implementation for the test of time, then it is definitely not worth it.

In this case, just viewing the results of the code review and evaluating
the merits of
dozens of (usually trivial) changes, is in itself a considerable cost.

This loads an undetermined amount of work on the developer, and
only becomes attractive when the changes are obviously meritorious.

PS. I do appreciate that you are trying to help.  Thanks.

On Wed, Dec 14, 2016 at 3:11 PM, W P <BADFLAGELLO at hotmail.it> wrote:

> GG I am a simple user with no knowledge of code so unfortunately I can't
> do much, I just thought it might be useful since that company seems to be
> keen on auditing code of open source projects and thought it would be a
> benefits for you without the burned of carring it out by yourself.
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