[CinCV TNG] Cinelerra renders a jerky movie

Einar R√ľnkaru einarrunkaru at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 13:59:17 CET 2016


On 13 December 2016 at 15:00, Evaessen at ziggo Nl <evaessen at ziggo.nl> wrote:

> Hello Jonathan,
> 'Jerky' was perhaps not the best way to describe it.
> But on the movie I see a man walking and sometimes his leg stops for a
> fraction of a second, then swings forwad fast.
> When the camera sways from right to left, compression artifacts like a
> bunch of small squares appears.
> It is not an interlace matter.
It looks like frames are dropped in the middle of the video. Check the
framerate of input and your cinelerra project.

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