[CinCV TNG] New Download page by Danny

Danny Schmarsel danny at schmarsel.de
Mon Dec 12 21:16:34 CET 2016

I agree with everything Glen has written. Akirad is very useful and the 
theme from it is so pleasant to look at, I made it my default theme on 
Cinelerra 5.1.

If you are missing on the contributors list, it has to be a simple 
oversight and I'd be happy to see you listed there.

Akirad is also still included on CINELIVE for users to test out. I hope 
you come back and improve it further. Every helping hand is much 
appreciated here.

> for me on Debian testing Akirad no longer compiles and the gtk3 (and 
> gtk2) file choosers are broken by newer gtk3 API's.

It needs two patches from Einar to build with a recent GCC:


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