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We've missed you buddy!! I don't know what happened with the name in
the contribution list, that may have been an oversight. I recall you
were working on your own branch and you had some commit patches ideas
that Einar felt were not ready to be included. I STILL use Akirad and
Igor and I were very busy to help you test it and provide new Graphics
when you stopped working on it. Now on the meantime Good Guy has done
an incredible amount of great work and continues to perfect 5.1 but it
is a real shame that Akirad is left about 90% complete, for me on
Debian testing Akirad no longer compiles and the gtk3 (and gtk2) file
choosers are broken by newer gtk3 API's. Good Guy was very kind to
include your themes (at my request) but they are not yet completely
implemented and compatible with HV in 5.1 with all of your details due
to work more needed in other areas and lack of help.

I would be very disappointed if the reason you stopped work was due to
a simple misunderstanding, Akirad is a VERY productive branch of
Cinelerra-CV although it isn't talked about very much here anymore
with the great amount of time that has passed you certainly deserve to
be listed as an important contributor, I can't help but think that
perhaps because you were working so quickly and other senior CV
developers did not get the opportunity to see the fullness of your
completed work before it could be considered for merging with
Cinelerra-CV's branch that they just hadn't gotten around to including
you yet. I do know Akirad is in service today on literally thousands
of AV Linux installs (both the older AV Linux 6 and the new AV Linux

I would ask (perhaps even beg) you to consider at least completing and
renewing the Akirad code base updating ffmpeg and reworking the file
chooser which was a great feature, your name may not be on the list
yet but there are users that have benefitted and enjoy your work and
would like to see it continue.

In any case I wish you all the best and thank you for all your great
work on Akirad so far.


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Yes, you are right,  I was working on wrapper between gtk3 and
guicast, I just ask my name on contribution list, I was very surprised
to see my name on Cinelerra hv and not on cv. So I lost my interest.

Thanks to ask :)
Paolo Rampino
aka Akirad
Il 11/Dic/2016 19:20, <info at bandshed.net [1]> ha scritto:

I concur, excellent work Danny! I'm curious what has become of the
Live systems? Both Danny's and AV Linux? In the case of AV Linux my
LiveDVD's still have GG's latest 5.1 (at time of release) and a very
functional Akirad build. I realize I haven't been active on the lists
for a while it's certainly not due to lack of interest in promoting
and supporting Cinelerra, simply a time deficit. My kudos and thanks
to all the folks keeping the home fires burning here.


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Danny has made changing of the download page https://cinelerra-cv.org/
download.php [4]

Very Creative.  I really like that you can mouse over the question
marks and get some details.  Also, Danny did a lot of work when you
actually "choose" for GG and all of the information of how to do an
install is visible right there.

Thanks for the nice work!


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