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2016-12-11 20:40 GMT+02:00 Danny Schmarsel <danny at schmarsel.de>:

> *Am 11.12.2016 19:21, schrieb igor_ubuntu:*     It is necessary to make a
> clarification on the download page that CV is OFFICAL Community Version,
> CGG - personal repo/fork.
>> * because today
>> https://forum.manjaro.org/t/how-to-install-cinelerra-on-manjaro-and-arch-linux/13963
>> <https://forum.manjaro.org/t/how-to-install-cinelerra-on-manjaro-and-arch-linux/13963>*
> * .. the phrase "OFFICIAL" would make a lot of people think CV is the best
> version out there, when the limited codec support makes it the worst for
> new users at the moment.*
> * -Danny*

What will you say after porting to CVO changes from CVE's repository, M4.* ?
That CVO has less features than CGG, also the phrase "OFFICIAL" would make
.... ?

CVO was, is, will be the Offical Community Version.
And it has the absolutely legal right to wear the title `Offical Community
Version `
The site is  not your personal blog, but the site of Offical Community
Version  and there is no place for your personal preferences there.

CVO is not solidified volcanic lava from an extinct volcano.
It is not as a stagnant, dead thing that does not reflect changes taking
place around it.
Current problems like limited codecs support - are *current* problems. You
can make a separate clarification for this.
Тhe title `Offical Community Version `  is not only a title but and the
type of development.
It is important for a maintainer to know,  what is testing and
experimentation, what is stable.

Therefore, you as the admin of the site of  `Offical Community Version`
simply must make this  clarification.
C'est La Vie..

* The phrase "OFFICIAL" *means (*a*t least) the most stable version. And
this is indeed the case.
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