[CinCV TNG] New Download page by Danny

Terje J. Hanssen terje at nordland-teknikk.no
Sun Dec 11 20:12:47 CET 2016

Yes, I got the same impression simulating a test of it.
Effectiv, nice design and good work. The popup notices allows for 
keeping a clean overview on 1-2 pages.
Thanks a lot.

Terje J. H

Den 11. des. 2016 18:25, skrev Good Guy:
>     Danny has made changing of the download page
>     https://cinelerra-cv.org/ download.php
>     <https://cinelerra-cv.org/download.php>
> Very Creative.  I really like that you can mouse over the question 
> marks and get some details.  Also, Danny did a lot of work when you 
> actually "choose" for GG and all of the information of how to do an 
> install is visible right there.
> Thanks for the nice work!
> gg
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