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I concur, excellent work Danny! I'm curious what has become of the
Live systems? Both Danny's and AV Linux? In the case of AV Linux my
LiveDVD's still have GG's latest 5.1 (at time of release) and a very
functional Akirad build. I realize I haven't been active on the lists
for a while it's certainly not due to lack of interest in promoting
and supporting Cinelerra, simply a time deficit. My kudos and thanks
to all the folks keeping the home fires burning here.


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Danny has made changing of the download page https://cinelerra-cv.org/
download.php [1]

Very Creative.  I really like that you can mouse over the question
marks and get some details.  Also, Danny did a lot of work when you
actually "choose" for GG and all of the information of how to do an
install is visible right there.

Thanks for the nice work!


[1] https://cinelerra-cv.org/download.php

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