[CinCV TNG] 5.1 updated tarballs and packages available.

Einar Rünkaru einarrunkaru at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 21:28:47 CET 2016

On 12/10/2016 08:30 PM, igor_ubuntu wrote:
>     /*Phyllis Smith/GG*/
>     / When you invoke each of the code base versions, none//of them are
>     currently called "cin" or "cinx" except for 5.1 branch/
> I did not say it. I meant that the idea of using Cin as the name under
> which the application will be known (as the personal name of your
> branch), is not good idea becase Cin is the common reduction of
> Cinelerra and already belong to all.
> As Danny already said: it's the same thing as Cinelerra, just shorter.
> That's like calling Facebook FB.

My proposal is to name the fork what is called 'five' today to 'GG'. 
Traditionally all personal forks here are called by the name of the main 
author. We use the name what the author exposes here.

'Cin' is abbreviation of cinelerra and as such is not suitable to 
distinguish the branches/forks. All of these are cinelerras.
>     /*Phyllis Smith/GG*/
>     /Furthermore, when you install CV cinelerra, the installed command
>     name is "cinelerra", not/
>     /cinelerra-cv or cvo..../
> Probably it should be changed. At least it makes sense to change it as
> it is made in CVE (cinelerracve) and CVA (cinelerracvabin)

It will be fixed in CV. The goal is to make possible to install CV, HV 
and GG side by side without hassle.

>     /*Phyllis Smith/GG*/
>     /"cin" and "cinx" do not conflict with any of these version or
>     command names.  I really would prefer that it be called that,/
>     /because it is already called that in the repo. /
>     /Would you be interested in having an open bugtracker on -cv.org
>     <http://cv.org>?
>     /
> /          Users would have a way to report bugs and participate in
> them. I think that level of user interaction is really missing here,
>           nearly every opensource project out there has а bugtracker./
>  Oh..  these users do not want to make reports in the ML ..
> But probably this would be a convenient thing for a user who do not want
> to register in the ML
> Is it possible to make an e-mail automatic notification to alert CV-ML's
> subscribers when new report/message appears in the bugtracker ?
>     /
>     But in the end, I didn't put it up because no one wanted to use it
>     from the developers side and our old bugtracker died out quickly
>     because of that.
>     -Danny/
> There is a duplication of functions here. CV-ML wins because it is both
> "bugtracker" and platform for discussion.

I have a quite a long local todo list. Until it is exhausted I will not 
do any searches in internet to find bug reports. This includes potential 
sites dedicated to bugs of cinelerra.

Users have two kind of problems: they don't understand, how to use the 
program or they found a real program. Usually such reports lack 
essential information how user reached to the problem. So there is the 
need to ask additional questions there about where the problem is. The 
current number of developers is so low that ML fulfills this task well 


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