[CinCV TNG] Thoughts on Bugtracker on cv-org

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2004 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 10 21:00:10 CET 2016

|Danny Schmarsel

Would you be interested in having an open bugtracker on -cv.org?

          Users would have a way to report bugs and participate in them. I think that level of user interaction is really missing here,
          nearly every opensource project out there has а bugtracker.
| Igor
| Oh..  these users do not want to make reports in the ML .. 
| But probably this would be a convenient thing for a user who do not want to register in the ML
|Is it possible to make an e-mail automatic notification to alert CV-ML's subscribers when new report/message appears in the bugtracker ?

But in the end, I didn't put it up because no one wanted to use it from the developers side and our old bugtracker died out quickly because of that.

| Igor
|  There is a duplication of functions here. CV-ML wins because it is both "bugtracker" and platform for discussion.
Bugtracker thoughts (I started a new thread because tired of the old one!)ML works well, in my opinion.  Although most software websites have a bugtracker and I have searched them with some rewarding 
success, they often seem dead because maintenance is a lot of work.  Also, you see a lot of them don't respond well to the user withan actual fix but just "new version -- try it now" or the user supplies insufficient data to recreate the problem.  CV-ML seems morepersonal to me.
It might be more convenient for the user and the more bugs that get reported and fixed, the more stable the product becomes andthat is a major goal.  Community means everyone in the world so you don't want to shut out anyone who doesn't want to join the MLand could contribute for the benefit of all.  Might be worth trying as long as not too much work to be installed and/or deinstalled if not 
useful.  Not sure if a bugtracker allows for anything other than bugs though -- a lot of the 52+1 new issues I put in debugle.com were 
things like "better check this out", "it would be nice if it could do this", or actual problems like "label anchor doesn't work with free drag".
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