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> *What are differences between `Motion` and `Find Object` ? I mean a goal
> and a purpose.*

Quote from <*>/findobject/findobject.C
*// This is mainly a test for object tracking*

Quote from findobject.h


// Block size as percent of image size
// Object must be a rectangle for the algorithm to work,
// so no oblique edges unless we also do an affine transform.
    float global_block_w;
    float global_block_h;
// Block position in percentage 0 - 100
    float block_x;
    float block_y;
// Draw key points
    int draw_keypoints;
// Draw border over object in scene layer
    int draw_border;
// Draw transparency over object in object layer
    int replace_object;
// Draw border over object
    int draw_object_border;

// Which layer is the object 0 or 1
    int object_layer;
// Which layer replaces the object
    int replace_layer;
// Which layer is the object searched for in
    int scene_layer;

    int algorithm;
// Camshift parameters
    int vmin, vmax, smin;
// Amount to blend new object position in
    int blend;

     Object replacement with OpenCV & SURF
   Adam's video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAbSbBBaAEs
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