[CinCV TNG] 5.1 updated tarballs and packages available.

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> The trick with using the name `Cin` can not solve this issue  because:
> - users are considering you as Cinelerra 
> - this reduction `Cin`  belongs to all.

This is not really true.  When you invoke each of the code base versions, noneof them are currently called "cin" or "cinx" except for 5.1 branch.  Furthermore,when you install CV cinelerra, the installed command name is "cinelerra", notcinelerra-cv or cvo....   When you operate the HV build and run its commandline binary, it is called "cinelerra".  So if anything CV is using HV's commandname, and it is already a conflict.  "cin" and "cinx" do not conflict with any ofthese version or command names.  I really would prefer that it be called that,because it is already called that in the repo.  I think it would be a mistake todistance the names since it makes it clear which repo belongs to the install.
Danny suggested changing the webpage and listing 5.1 as an alternative primaryrepo, along with CV and HV.  Then Einar suggested not using 5.1 or 6 due toversion numbers confusion, then Terje sent screenshot with cinelerra-cv,cin, cinx, and since the users have been seeing cin that might be which repothey were looking for, so that is why Phyllis suggested cin.
My understanding is that it is only a choice on the 
front of the CV website that Danny was going to list -- not a big deal.
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2016-12-09 6:38 GMT+02:00 Phyllis Smith <phylsmith2004 at yahoo.com>:

In response to the suggestion:
 "quick and easy forusers get an overview of the two versions and download packages  a short descriptionof each version  (imo availableformats are important)."

attached is a more readable overview of the 3 versions of CV, Cin, HV that I came upwith but not sure if that is what users might be looking for.  If it comes in handy touse it or not (or change it in any way).

quote from https://cinelerra-cv.org/about.php
..Users are frequently confused about the fact that three separately maintained versions of this software exist.
A detailed feature comparison between Cinelerra-CV, Cinelerra-HV and Cinelerra 5.1 ....

Phyllis Smith
quote: attached is a more readable overview of the 3 versions of CV, Cin, HV ...

AFAIU There are only two versions of the code base in the Сinelerra's world:  HV and CV

CGG's team sees its branch as a separate independent version, not a personal repo.
However, in fact you are HV-version based branch/a personal repo.

If you see yourself  as a separate independent version, you should choose your own name (as Adam already said)
If you are a branch, then add an abbreviation.
But you can not use someone else's name (the name of Adam's software)

The trick with using the name `Cin` can not solve this issue  because:
- users are considering you as Cinelerra 
- this reduction `Cin`  belongs to all.

quote from glossary:
  Cinelerra’s lovely nick.
Users use  the reduction `cin`.

So any version, branch can be called `Cin` +  an abbreviation   
CinCV, CinHV, CinGG (CinCVG ?), CinCVA, CinCVE, ..

Your binary file should have its name with abbreviation (as  other branches)
cinelerracv, cinelerra, cinelerragg, cinelerracva, cinelerracve

quote from compare0.pdf:

        ...One notable exception is that “Find Object”, available in both CV and HV has not been included.

No. The effect 'Find Object' is available for using only in CV (it was ported from HV4.5  by Petter Reinholdtsen). 
It is not available for using in HV 4.6.*/6.0 (but its source code has one).

          Additional features that are not yet in CV (will be merged in over time when upgrades complete):
        ...Multi-view window, Multi-pane, Concert Hall, ...

All CV-branches  have the audio effect `Heroine College Concert Hall`. 

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