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*2016-12-09 6:38 GMT+02:00 Phyllis Smith <phylsmith2004 at yahoo.com
<phylsmith2004 at yahoo.com>>:*
> *In response to the suggestion:*
> * "quick and easy for users get an overview of the two versions and
> download packages *
> * a short description of each version *
> * (imo available formats are important)."*
> *attached is a more readable overview of the 3 versions of CV, Cin, HV
> that I came up*
> *with but not sure if that is what users might be looking for.  If it
> comes in handy to*
> *use it or not (or change it in any way).*
quote from https://cinelerra-cv.org/about.php
*..Users are frequently confused about the fact that three separately
maintained versions of this software exist.*
*A detailed feature comparison between Cinelerra-CV, Cinelerra-HV and
Cinelerra 5.1 ....*

Phyllis Smith
*quote: attached is a more readable overview of the 3 versions of CV, Cin,
HV ..*.

AFAIU There are only two versions of the code base in the Сinelerra's
world:  HV and CV

CGG's team sees its branch as a separate independent version, not a
personal repo.
However, in fact you are HV-version based branch/a personal repo.

If you see yourself  as a separate independent version, you should choose
your own name (as Adam already said)
If you are a branch, then add an abbreviation.
But you can not use someone else's name (the name of Adam's software)

The trick with using the name `Cin` can not solve this issue  because:
- users are considering you as Cinelerra
- this reduction `Cin`  belongs to all.

quote from glossary:

<http://www.g-raffa.eu/Cinelerra/HOWTO/glossary.html>CIN  Cinelerra’s
lovely nick.*

Users use  the reduction `cin`.

So any version, branch can be called `Cin` +  an abbreviation
CinCV, CinHV, *CinGG (*CinCV*G ?)**,* CinCVA, CinCVE, ..

Your binary file should have its name with abbreviation (as  other branches)
cinelerracv, cinelerra, *cinelerragg*, cinelerracva, cinelerracve

*quote from compare0.pdf*

*:       Cin        ...One notable exception is that “Find Object”,
available in both CV and HV has not been included.*

No. The effect 'Find Object' is available for using only in CV (it was
ported from HV4.5  by Petter Reinholdtsen).
It is not available for using in HV 4.6.*/6.0 (but its source code has one).

*        HV              ...          Additional features that are not yet
in CV (will be merged in over time when upgrades complete):
...Multi-view window, Multi-pane, Concert Hall, ...*

All CV-branches  have the audio effect `Heroine College Concert Hall`.
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