[CinCV TNG] where does Cin 5.1 store icons?

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2004 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 9 03:40:38 CET 2016

You can see below that I have created a file in bold characters below for an ffmpeg iconand just put it into the /plugins/picon subdirectory of where Cinelerra was installed.On this computer, it was a user install (as root) where the cinlib_path as seen by pwd
was /mnt0/build5/cinelerra-5.1/bin.  If you did a system install, the icons should bein /usr/share/cin/plugins/picon.

[root at denver picon]# pwd
[root at denver picon]# ls
1080to480.png       denoisefft.png        huesaturation.png      perspective.png     svg.png
1080to540.png       denoise.png           interpolateaudio.png   photoscale.png      swapchannels.png
... (several lines of .png files representing the plugin icons)
C41.png             ff_aeval.png          liveaudio.png          reverb.png          unsharp.png
... (a bunch more of .pngs representing the plugin icons)
delayaudio.png      histogram.png         overlay.png            slide.png
delayvideo.png      holo.png              parametric.png         spectrogram.png
Reminder that all ffmpeg icons must begin with ff_...png (note, in the Resources window it's title willstill show as F_aeval). For a simple test to make sure the latest 20161130 build works correctly, I just copied an 
existing png file in the same directory with the new ff_aeval.png filename.  Then this iconshowed up in cinelerra and it executed the aeval function.  Of course, you have to havewrite permission in the /plugins/picon subdirectory so you may have to sudo to do the copy.
Hopefully this answers the question correctly for you as I am only a new Cinelerra user-- if not, email with what doesn't make sense with details.   Phyllis

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 <!--#yiv8075632972 P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}-->Hi all, I have a question about the icons, I thought with the new build it would have been possible to customize icons, but I still can't find the folder, so I suppose the option has not been released yet? I don't want to use developers time to make a package just to test the option but if it is out in the current building I would like to try making new icons.Greetings,

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