[CinCV TNG] 10-bit ubuntu 16.04 version available temporatily if anyone just wants to try it (5.1)

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2004 at yahoo.com
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There are a lot of new cameras out there, such as the Black Magic or Canon HF-G30,
that record in 10-bit mode.  More pixels, better quality.  So if you spent big $$$ on astate-of-the-art camera that records in 10-bit, you wouldn't want to lose the extra bits by processing with Cinelerra and its libraries that only handle 8 bits.  It is kind of likeviewing on a standard TV versus HD - high definition (but not quite that dramatic).

Because it requires an additional build to create 10-bit versions and GG is already building about 10O/S distros it would double that workload and take 2 days instead of 1 day for 20 builds.  There is no way to give the user the choice because of the way the third-party library software was written for 
x264/x265 (I did more searching today just to determine if this has changed, but no).
There has been a 10-bit Leap version around for several months because Terje had requestedit and had a need for it.  Anyone can create their own 10-bit version from the software Gitrepository following instructions in the Features5.pdf file but it is generally too difficult.  If someonehas a genuine need for a 10-bit version for an up-to-date O/S, it might be added.

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 <!--#yiv0606837311 P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}-->Phyllis hope I do not sound silly but I am new to the filming world, what are the advantages over the normal version? And why is it only temporary and not shipped with GG normal version?? Are you just going to make it optional in the future? Like let the use chose 8 or 10 bit?
Thanks for the explanation :) 

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