[CinCV TNG] 10-bit ubuntu 16.04 version available temporatily if anyone just wants to try it (5.1)

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2004 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 8 19:33:51 CET 2016

Because of some questions and forum reading, GG has created a temporary hi-depth version (cinx)
with x264/x265 only for ubuntu 16.04 (tar file/sinlge-user/static). This really is for advanced usage 
and just the same as the normal 8-bit version with the exception of 10/12-bit.  It is at

There are 2 changes in it which will go into all versions on the next build.  There is now the
allowance for specification for ffmpeg filter parameters to be passed in and associated with your 
specific media - you can make changes to test various filters.  Section 3.1 Decoder Options in the 
Features5.pdf file may be helpful.  With the fix applied, the audio_filter and video_filter optionscan be used to operate ffmpeg filter graphs.  For example, to apply the colormatrix video filter,create an options file with the same base path as the media file, but with a ".opts" extension.For /path/media.ext, create /path/media.opts: which contains the option definition line:
or whatever the colorspace demand is for your decode.  More on the filter opts can be seen at https://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-filters.html
Unfortunately, there is no solution for the lack of capability in the third-party libraries for x264/x265to encode either 8-bit or 10/12-bit. The 10-bit version can read 8 or 10-bit but can only render to 10-bit.
The other change was a bug in the transfer function which performed incorrect calculation of geometry causing the Y in YUV to be misaligned, and even possibly segv.
The standard 8-bit version is temporarily available with these 2 changes also - same date but no
10bit in the name.  GG/Phyllis
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