[CinCV TNG] 5.1 updated tarballs and packages available.

Terje J. Hanssen terje at nordland-teknikk.no
Sun Dec 4 20:02:42 CET 2016

Den 04. des. 2016 17:44, skrev Danny Schmarsel:
> Am 3.12.2016 23:41, schrieb Phyllis Smith:
>>> I prpose to to call the other fork 'GG' and
>>> drop 'five' from all references. Version numbers tend to change.
> This is a good idea. Especially because Adam doesn't seem to be happy
> that goodguy's version is currently called "Cinelerra". It would
> prevent future version number wars.

Hm, was it really so? I thought 'GG' was suggested by Einar and that 
Phyllis wanted to use 'cin' that is already in use by the 5.1/8-bit version.

For a sample package selection see my attached screenshot from 3 
Cinelerra versions installed on my Leap workstation.
'cinx' is used by the special 5.1/10-bit version (also identified here 
by my replacement of the default icon to the other one with yellow 

Terje J. H

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