[CinCV TNG] 5.1 updated tarballs and packages available.

Nicola Ferralis feranick at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 1 21:14:43 CET 2016

Personally I am not a big fan of providing links to software we have no 
control of, or that is not supported by our own community. I am all in 
favor of listing CV and 5.1 from Good Guy, but not on much else. People 
will start asking support questions on software we don't actually 
support (because we can't not because we don't want to).


On 12/1/16 10:31 AM, Danny Schmarsel wrote:
>> Cinelerra 5.1 (GoodGuy branch) tarballs and packages have been 
>> updated at:
>> https://cinelerra-cv.org/five
> Thanks for continually making this software better. It's really fun to 
> use Cinelerra 5. Every time there is a new changelog update in the 
> PDF, I think "Oh yeah, that feature is nice to have!".
> In my opinion, Cinelerra 5 is mature enough to be displayed right next 
> to Cinelerra-CV on the download page. CV may be stable, but it's 
> outdated in many aspects (especially the limited file formats).
> I'm thinking about adding a selection a user has to make when he first 
> visits the download page:
> "Which version of Cinelerra do you want?"
> CV | HV | 5.1 | 6
> -Reasons
> -Advantages
> -...
> When users click on a specific version, they'd get directed to the 
> download instructions as we have them now. With fancy icons for all of 
> their favorite distributions.
> -Danny
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