[CinCV TNG] 5.1 updated tarballs and packages available.

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Cinelerra 5.1 (GoodGuy branch) tarballs and packages have been updated at:


Tested using RedHat distro while working.  Send email if any problems with the tars or packagesfor other distros.  There is also a copy of releasenotes.pdf (listing program changes) and changelog.pdf (listing Feature5.pdf changes):at the same url.

Motion plugin future potential changes are being worked with the hope of improved speed as still slow.Also, currently working to create a comprehensive document on using Motion Stabilization.
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 5.1 Release Notes for changes from 11/01/2016 to 11/30/2016 for thesebuilds
1. Merged in HV6improvements from that annual update by the original author. This covers: Background Renderingnow has the capability of providing an “end” point and a “range”besides the already available“begin” point. It was pointed out that this was a needed andnice addition. Reframe plugin, foraudio and video. differences added to change from Scale toInput/Output.  Good speedup in MotionStabilization plugin added as Motion_HV. Name change due to deletionof features that someusers still want such as “Track translation”, “Add (loaded)offset from track”, andTranslation/Rotation “block size” adjustments.  Added some small stuff,for example print statements, that don't affect what the user sees. Notadded - subtitleplugin changes because already had alternative and it provedto be unstable. The requirement ofproviding time in format of is tedious in version 6.?? Not added - other HV6changes that were already available in this version, such as updatesof ffmpeg, h264, andoverlay frame changes. Quicktime changes not added because 5.1 usesffmpeg. Also, did not deletethe picons in the Resources window or include deletions done inawindowgui.
2. Performance enhancementgained through a rewrite of tracking locks – most noticeablein large media files when usingmotion stabilization; however improves performance just about  everywhere. Codechange: Trace data was moved out of Signals file into Trace file andThread data was moved out ofThread Tracing into Trace file.
3. Webm, Xvid, flv, and f4vCodecs/Formats added as requested (some of the more popular ones).
4. MotionCV has been addedas an alternative for Motion Stabilization plugin with minorchanges: Fixed “Tracktranslation” bug; cleaned up code constructs; Changed output whichhas been multiple/1,000s of files on /tmp to single file of theuser's choice; Warning added ifSettings→Preferences→Playback A, Video out NOT set to “playevery frame”; If not playing everyframe, when it has to recalculate, it will save the new data inTracking file; Initial valuesincreased to gain good output but will take more clock time so maywant to adjust; Window size andpositioning changed to accommodate language translations. Default Calculationset to “Save coords to tracking file” and changed its option listorder.
5.Project SMP cpus count added toSettings→Preferences->Performance which gives the user theability to restrict the number of cpus utilized in the plugins for higher cpu-count computers. 

6. Bugs/Issues fixed: Subtitles were beingdropped if a frame got missed so fixed this. Minor fix to OGG programcode discovered by web sample .ogv file. Plugindb bug fixed whichcaused a SEGV crash in Render Farm. Order in the assetpulldown/Resources window was changed to make "info" showup as 1st choice.  Removed extra blankcharacter in the code for plugins that was leftover from the “olddays”.  Code changed to allow userto add ffmpeg and ladspa picons; before could only add standardicons. Window size andpositioning for Motion (5.1 version) and MotionHV increased fortranslations.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -     changelog.pdf (not much changed; still a little more to go)
2016-11-06 – addedin section 37, documentation for plugins EchoCancel and Scale Ratio.2016-11-24 – addedsection 40.10 to document “Project SMP cpus” Count.   
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