[CinCV TNG] Overlapping clips to make a transition between them

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*2016-11-23 20:18 GMT+02:00 Fabrice Delente <delentef at gmail.com
<delentef at gmail.com>>:*
> *This is with Cinelerra 4.6.1 (C) 2015 Adam Williams. I finally succeeded
> thanks to the firt link you gave me. I didn't know about the "Paste" option
> in the right-click menu in the Media tab. Is there a way to give the
> precise time at which I want the clip to be inserted? I tried clicking on
> the green LCD-like digits but can't edit them. If my transition is to be 3
> seconds long, I'd like to insert my first clip precisely 3 seconds before
> the end of the second one. Anyway I'll go on reading the tutorial you gave
> me, thanks!*

Del` - Clear (only per menu `Edit`-Clear because the keyboard's button
Delete seems not work in 4.6.1 )
`Shift Space` - Paste Silence


Moving video fragments in HV is not convenient for newbies.
HV and HV+  have auto adhesion of fragments to each other.
Timeline fragments can't be moved without inserting or removing space.
In order to place a fragment exactly at the specified location, user should
select an area
of the track and remove it (if he wants to move the object to the left) or
add a blank space (to move to the right)  (Shift+Space).

CV*,C5.1-users have a possibility of free movement of fragments.

Another way:

- to load video to Resources

- to place a cursor in timeline

- right click on Resources -> Paste
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