[CinCV TNG] Overlapping clips to make a transition between them

Fabrice Delente delentef at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 17:47:03 CET 2016


I'm trying to understand how cinelerra works and I have much trouble doing so.

I created a film with a sports camera; I then edited clips out with

Now, I'd like to chain these clips and have the image fadein/out
between clips. I read in the cinelerra documentation that a transition
between two clips needs them to overlap. But I can't do it... If I
load my clips and concatenate them in a single track, they don't
overlap. If I try to drag them around, they either concatenate or
start at time 00:00:00 on a new track. I can't find how to offset a
clip (make it start at say 01:00:00 instead of 00:00:00). So how can I
use transitions? Reading tutorial/documentation/forums didn't make it
clear to me.

Thanks for any help!

F. Delente

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