[CinCV TNG] Add x265 to the render options? (GG Cin)

W P BADFLAGELLO at hotmail.it
Thu Nov 17 22:24:03 CET 2016

Thank you Phyllis!

Yes I am aware of the hug numbers of combinations, IMHO the best thing would be to provide an option to render in the most popular format (which is what most of video editing software do). Of course if it is a matter of manpower I would say priority to open format.

I am glad to see webm being added as it is open and it is useful for online. I would say that among popular formats I don't see listed .flv is the most prominent.

GG time ago also wrote the combination for Xvid so I could test it out. It think it lost much of the appeal it had in 2005s but it is open so maybe it is worth, especially for those with connection/space problem.<https://imagenevp.com/top-10-video-formats/>



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