[CinCV TNG] Add x265 to the render options? (GG Cin)

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2004 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 17 18:32:17 CET 2016

x265 is already available as mp4.  See attached screenshot.However, you may want to manipulate the parameters somewhich you can do by clicking on the wrench.
Steps:click File->render in file pulldownchoose for File Format: ffmpeg - mp4click on the audio or video wrench and you will see h265  or you can change to other option of h264 (video only)
click "view" to see some possibilities you can keyin  note: there are two selectable option "Kinds", ffmpeg and codec
pretty sure you will want to change bitrate too
If you want to suggest better default options, that would be good too.When GG set this up, it is overwhelming with so thousands of possibilitiesuntil someone has something specific in mind, we just posted notable replacementsfor the original format combinations where it was easy to construct.
Any suggestions?

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 <!--#yiv0989426848 P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}-->I saw in the repo that GG added webm that's so cool as I wanted to ask that as well. Now I wonder do you think x265 is mature enough to afaik it is slightly better than x264 and it is going to ne its evolution anyway, any chance GG can add it to the rendering mode? I would try to write the config file by myself but me and numbers do not get along well and could not manage.
ps: the way the video bar draws the video looks way better than before, imho, good job GG!

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