[CinCV TNG] where does Cin 5.1 store icons?

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2004 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 17 17:22:11 CET 2016

Thanks for making icons for ffmpeg -- it's never been done before soooooo, it turnsout that a code change will be required and GG has put this small mod in now to thegit repository.  He can make a distro specific binary or package if you let us knowwhich distro/version you want. For example, ubuntu 64 bit version 16.

The new icons will go in <cinlib_path>/plugins/picon with as an example, ff_aeval.png andall ffmpeg icons MUST begin with ff_...png (note, in the Resources window it's title willstill show as F_aeval, that is currently hardcoded, but can be changed). The  <cinlib_path> is /usr/share/cin for a system install and is the install path for a userinstall.  The default plugin picon directory is <cinlib_path>/plugins/picon, but a themespecific specialization is also available, for example the directory
cinlib/plugins/theme_suvis used when the SUV theme is selected and it checks that first, and if file there,uses that.  If no png is found, a builtin generic default is used.

You can make it anyway you want and it will show it.
Currently most plugin picons have geometry of 52x52 and are rgba.  The alphais bitmap, that is 1 or 0, which can let your picon have a shape besides rectangular,or just RGB, if a rectangular shape is good. Also, most are 8 bit color, non-interlaced.
This code change will also make it so you can create ladspa icons.This is a little tricky, since the plugin picon basename should match the basenameof the ladspa shared object file.  for example. "Audio phaser" come from the pluginshared library file phaser_1217.so, and so the picon name should be phaser_1217.png
Good Luck! and let us know how it goes.  GG tested the mod change and it works here.
Phyllis (from GG's brain)
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 <!--#yiv9847886218 P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}-->Hi all, I drew some icons for Cin 5.1 (to replace the missing ones in the new FFMPEG plugins), I would like to test them out but I can't find where Cinelerra stores icons.
I tried in /usr/share/cin  but no luck, any help?

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