[CinCV TNG] CIN-5, ganged audio-faders get out of synch

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Sat Nov 12 11:00:32 CET 2016

2016-11-11 6:22 GMT+02:00 joe <joe at fasor.hu>:

> ..
> I have a footage including a 2ch(stereo) audio stream represented by two
> GANGED audio tracks in cinelerra-5.
> If I go to timeline and grab the white "fade" curve on on of the aud
> tracks it works as expected paralelly on both ganged aud channels, but only
> within a certain range. If I grab it beyond a mysterious border, than the
> fader curve on the other audio track stucks at the border, whereas the one
> where I'm grabbing the fader goes beyond it. Result: the two channels of
> the stereo audio get unbalanced.
> Hallo Joe.
I looked at your screencast and your xml-files.
You use 5.0 from different website cinelerra.org. It is outdated and no
longer supported.
Your screencasts shows 5.0's problems.
Your XML-files - from cinelerra version 5.0

If you load these 5.0's-files   to 5.1  you have these problems because
session data are incompatible.
There is a warning in 5.1:
"Warning: XML from cinelerra version %s\n" "Session data may be

5.1 does *not* have these gang-problems. But if we load 5.0-XML-files to
5.1 - we have these glitches.
I loaded your 5.0's files to 5.1 and got the same glitches.

These "mysterious borders" (as yoy said) are defined by these parameters
But of course this does not solve these gang-glitches
Besides, you use (in your 5.0)  a strange audio_fade range
[-129.66 - 39.66]

I think you should remake your projects in 5.1
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