[CinCV TNG] CIN-5, ganged audio-faders get out of synch

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Replied but only emailed to Joe, not the list, earlier today with something like this:

Not sure if he is using 5.1 under CV or the no longer maintained 5. on different website.
The only version 5.x that Good Guy is supporting, binaries and packages are at:

He had been trying to create the error described both in old 5. and 5.1 but hasbeen unable to do so following the steps as outlined.  Perhaps the "mysteriousborder" is causing the problem -- in which case it would be valuable to see whatit is in your example session.  Unfortunately, that means need more exact details, screenshot, XML session file and small sample input that demonstrates the problem.

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 Subject: [CinCV TNG] CIN-5, ganged audio-faders get out of synch
Dear experts,
maybe it's not the right forum, but I really hope one of you will be kind enough to help me...I'd like to move from old cinelerra to cinelerra-5. In fact I'm ready to go except for the following weird issue, which I'd like to sort out:
I have a footage including a 2ch(stereo) audio stream represented by two GANGED audio tracks in cinelerra-5.If I go to timeline and grab the white "fade" curve on on of the aud tracks it works as expected paralelly on both ganged aud channels, but only within a certain range. If I grab it beyond a mysterious border, than the fader curve on the other audio track stucks at the border, whereas the one where I'm grabbing the fader goes beyond it. Result: the two channels of the stereo audio get unbalanced.
This happens quite easily, so it's quite annoying. Can someone please give me a hint what to do?
Many thanks in advance,Bye, Joe

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