[CinCV TNG] CIN-5, ganged audio-faders get out of synch

joe joe at fasor.hu
Fri Nov 11 05:22:10 CET 2016

Dear experts,

maybe it's not the right forum, but I really hope one of you will be
kind enough to help me...
I'd like to move from old cinelerra to cinelerra-5. In fact I'm ready
to go except for the following weird issue, which I'd like to sort out:

I have a footage including a 2ch(stereo) audio stream represented by
two GANGED audio tracks in cinelerra-5.
If I go to timeline and grab the white "fade" curve on on of the aud
tracks it works as expected paralelly on both ganged aud channels, but
only within a certain range. If I grab it beyond a mysterious border,
than the fader curve on the other audio track stucks at the border,
whereas the one where I'm grabbing the fader goes beyond it. Result:
the two channels of the stereo audio get unbalanced.

This happens quite easily, so it's quite annoying. Can someone please
give me a hint what to do?

Many thanks in advance,
Bye, Joe
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