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Thu Nov 10 19:01:47 CET 2016

> 2016-11-09 23:18 GMT+02:00 Danny Schmarsel <danny at schmarsel.de>:
>> * Weird. It worked fine for me and HV6 is running well on Slackware now.
>> Have you checked if line 83 looks like this in quicktime/configure:*
>>> * cd thirdparty/ffmpeg* && ./configure --disable-vaapi --enable-pthreads
>>> --enable-gpl --disable-ffplay --extra-cflags=-I$TOPDIR/$LIBF**AAD_PATH/include
>>> --extra-libs=-L$TOPDIR/$LIBFAA**D_PATH/libfaad/.libs/
>>> --disable-ffserver --disable-ffplay  && cd ../..*
>> * -Danny _____________________________*
> *GGuy*
>> *can't say for sure, but it may be that the ubuntu loader needs a
>> --start-group --end-group around the static libraries.  Not all distros
>> need the same loader directives.  This is just a guess.*
>> *The faacDecOpen external is in:# nm quicktime/x86_64/libquicktime.*
>> *a | grep faacDecOpen0000000000000030 T faacDecOpen*
>> *which is referenced by the Makefile from:*
>> *g++ -o ../bin/cinelerra `cat x86_64/objs`*
>> *in the static library list.*
> *I attached a new patch which adds the -Wl,--start-group ...
> -Wl,--end-group parameters.*

Thanks guys.

GG's patches and Danny's suggestion * sed -i '83 s/configure/configure
--disable-vaapi/' quicktime/configure*  do not work in my case (ubuntu

I got a successful compilation as follows (steps 1-4):

*Step 1* - how to from Nicola Ferralis

It fixes

/usr/include/bits/mathcalls.h:326: error: conflicting types for 'lrintf'
common.h:313: note: previous definition of 'lrintf' was here
make[5]: *** [bits.lo] Error 1

*Step 2* -
The error:

undefined reference to
undefined reference to `lzma_end'collect2: ld returned 1 exit
statusmake[2]: *** [../bin/cinelerra] Error 1*

*can be fixed by adding* `-llzma \` to /cinelerra-6/cinelerra/Makefile
GG proposed this idea as a part of the patch cin6.patch
But other ideas of GG's patches are useless in my case

*Step 3 -*

The error:
undefined reference to `vaCreateBuffer'
undefined reference to `vaCreateBuffer'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [../bin/cinelerra] Error 1

*can be fixed by* adding `-lva` to /cinelerra-6/cinelerra/Makefile

*Step 4 - *

The errors during `make install`

 cp: cannot stat «libmpeg3/x86_64/mpeg3dump»: No such file or directory
 cp: cannot stat «libmpeg3/x86_64/mpeg3peek»: No such file or directory
 cp: cannot stat «libmpeg3/x86_64/mpeg3toc»: No such file or directory
 cp: cannot stat «libmpeg3/x86_64/mpeg3cat»: No such file or directory
 make[1]: *** [install] Error 1

can be fixed by editing /build/Makefile.cinelerra
cp libmpeg3/x86_64/mpeg3dump libmpeg3/x86_64/mpeg3peek
libmpeg3/x86_64/mpeg3toc libmpeg3/x86_64/mpeg3cat bin
cp libmpeg3/i686/mpeg3dump libmpeg3/i686/mpeg3peek libmpeg3/i686/mpeg3toc
libmpeg3/i686/mpeg3cat bin


GG's patch cin6.patch  + adding `-lva` work and I can get a succesful
compilation but the program after running work unstable in this case.
My way (steps 1-4) works well and produces the stable program.


Effect `Motion` does not have the checkbox `Track translation`

*-Resampling effects got new interfaces with the scale changed from
> floating point to numerator/denominator style input.*

Weird. Can someone make a screenshot ? I do not see any changes.
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