[CinCV TNG] Fw: 5.1 updated tarballs and packages available.

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2004 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 30 19:02:22 CET 2016

Cinelerra 5.1 (GoodGuy branch) tarballs and packages have been updated at:

In the past have tested all new distro versions but this time did not -- so if you have trouble, pass it along.Also, I have added documentation to Features 5 for newer plugins, Echo, RGBShift, YUVShift.
Copy of releasenotes.pdf (listing program changes) and changelog.pdf (listing Feature5.pdf changes):

   5.1 Release Notes for changes from 10/02/2016 to 10/30/2016 for thesebuilds
1. Ffmpeg upgraded to3.1.4 vendor version.2. X265 upgraded to2.1 vendor version.3. More strings made intosymbolic names modification from Einar branchwas added, with minor changes. This was aexcellent idea with full credit to Einar so more words can becometranslatable.4. Cin.po and otherlanguages po files updated with almost 300 new strings and 3deleted strings. More Russian applied asprovided by Igor and it is now looking nicely correct and almostcomplete.5. OGG handlingupdated to handle additional legitimate formats such as those fileswithout the usual expected keyframes forseeking. (Note, technically “recordmydesktop” does create legalogg files.)6. Bugs/Issues fixedas reported by several users, Igor, and programmer-discovered: Minor mods to Overlay/Alpha BlendingModes as needed. Widen a couple of windowsto make room for language translations. Video4Linux2 replacedVideo4Linux awhile back, so removed V4L along with old driversBuz/Lml. YUYV color model errorscorrected. Tip of the Day previoustip was not working so fixed that. Echo plugin offset=0 isan illegal choice because divide by 0, so eliminated that. Quit from Cinelerraslightly reworked because sometimes not quitting some windows. Fixed empty foldershowing up in Resources window because of XML name conflict. Roundoff was added inthousandth position for the zoombar values, but may need furthertweaking. Editing refresh forpartial frames modified if edit width > 1.5% of the pixels of thetimeline. MPEG packet bufferingrework to alleviate TOC problems. Fixes for XFT textrendering when gc function is not copy.   
ChangeLog for Features5.pdfDocument
Purpose of thischangelog is to keep track of when/what areas of Features5.pdf havebeen changed.


   - Complete illustrated example of creating DVD as Section 8.4 
   - Some Plugins (new or newly documented) as Section 37 
   - Definitions Scaling options of None/Scaled/Cropped/Filled/Vert and Horiz Edge (around p.25)

2016-09-26 to 2016-10-12

   - Minor descriptive wording for Logical/Arithmetic Overlay Modes in Section 21
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