[CinCV TNG] don't see keyframe for camera position

Andre Gronwald andregronwald78 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 09:02:10 CEST 2016

perfect! thanks a lot!!! ;-)


Am 27.10.2016 um 18:39 schrieb mag m.:
> Hi Andre,
> hopefully here the answer for your problem :
> First, i assume that you display the lines corresponding to the camera 
> x (red line), y (green line), z (blue line)
> -- 
> When your camera movement is "broad", the line might go outside of the 
> track, but you can manage the display of the line in the box on the 
> botton of the timeline window, adjusting the 2 numbers > see image in 
> attachment.
> But first, you have to tell to cinelerra with which line you want to 
> act => in the area on the left of the box i just talked about, you 
> select the line x, y or z.
> -- 
> I hope it'll help!
> Cheers to all,
> Magali

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