[CinCV TNG] OGV from recordmydesktop and Cinelerra's world -> errors/crashes

igor_ubuntu sitelve at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 19:23:57 CEST 2016

2016-10-20 19:07 GMT+03:00 Einar R√ľnkaru <einarrunkaru at gmail.com>:

> There can i get this file? I don't see this in test_ogv.tar.bz2.
> All my ogg samples play audio with CVE.
> I am confused.
> Einar

I made two test.
  The archive test_ogv.*tar.bz2*  has *ogv-file_for_testing.ogv* file.
This file is made with recordmydesktop. This file causes errors and flicker
After this test I read on the internet that recordmydesktop produces broken

Ok, I did a new test.
I  took  original *mjpeg/pcm.mov* from my camera, downloaded new static
ffmpeg 3.1.4 and reencoded (with this static ffmpeg) this my original mov
to *theora/vorbis.ogg* file.
*./ffmpeg -i mjpeg_pcm.mov -vcodec libtheora -b 10000000 -acodec libvorbis *

However, and this new *theora/vorbis.ogg* file causes errors and flickers.
You can download this my original *mjpeg/pcm.mov* for creating test-ogg
file here

I can send you and *theora/vorbis.ogg* file.
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