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Well, if it works in cv, use that.  If you are using 5.1, then I suspect
that the issue may be that you have concatenated several segments of A/V
and the audio is consistently shorter or longer than the corresponding
video segment.  There is an editing feature in 5.1 to account for this,
called "Align Edits" and it is in the main menubar "Edit" pulldown menu.
The feature is documented in "Features5.pdf" section 24:
Another possibility is that the audio sample rate, or video frame rate is
actually different than what was actually used by the camera hardware when
the recording was made, and so the playback time reference "drifts" as the
media is replayed slightly too slow, or slightly too quickly, audio
relative to video.   You can adjust the sample rates/frame rates used by
your session in the Resources window, right mousing the media icon which
identifies the current selection, and using the "info" menu item to edit
the asset information. The session frame rate/sample rate are set in the
main menubar using the "format" settings popup.

Without any example of the problem, I can only offer a guess as to the
actual problem.  Hopefully, this helps.  If you can supply a small example,
I will be glad to give it a look.


On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 11:09 AM, Andre Gronwald <andregronwald78 at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I am using cinelerra for some months, but started really using it the last
> days. I spent a lot of time putting some stuff of my last skiing holiday
> together. After some hours of work I decided to make a first rendering and
> - frustrated: Audio is not in sync as it is in cinelerra-cv.
> So I did a lot of researches to get audio and video in sync, and I found
> out - initially audio video is indeed in sync, but after 12s it is already
> out of sync by some frames. That makes it really hard to to edit the video.
> Are there any hints how to solve this or hot to narrow it down?
> I am using the latest release (20160908), ALSA on ubuntu 64-bit (16.04 and
> 16.10 - upgraded and hoped, that this might fix the issue).
> kind regards,
> andre
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