[CinCV TNG] 5.1 updated tarballs and packages available.

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2004 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 4 02:49:19 CEST 2016

Cinlerra 5.1 (GoodGuy branch) tarballs and packages have been updated at:

There may have to be some minor tweaks based on new feedback.  Also, 
because there are so many distros now, if you experience install problems,don't be surprised , just let us know.  We did download and install an ubuntuversion from here but not all of the rest.  Below is listed the changes same 
as in the releasenotes.pdf there.    GG/Phyllisq

5.1 Release Notes for changes from 09/01/2016 to 10/01/2016 for thesebuilds
1.Buttonoperation choiceaddedof“Popups activate on button up” (default) or “Popups activate on button down” via Settings→Preferences→InterfaceFlagscheckbox.2.SVGvia Inkscapepluginhas had numerous problems fixed.3.Scrollbars and picture location in the Compositorwindow were incorrect and have been fixed.4.Color-codedkeyframe curves and operational detailswith “ColorBalls”enhancements(see Window→ShowOverlays) allowingfor personal preference setup on colors (Igor's 2015 email).5. Overlay Modes/alphablending/PorterDuff addition of 8 new blending variations. Also,overlay mode popup menu convertedto submenu setup as changes to current popup no longer fit. To see, click on the right arrowin track's patchbay which expands to show a down arrow to click onwith  tool tip “Overlaymodes”.6.Features5.pdfmanual updatedas part of the installed software base. Left click onthe little yellow box (>_._) in upperright hand corner of main window to bring it up.7.Bugs/Issuesfixed: Fixresize window jitters and Xv minorrewrite fixes particularlynoticeable in the zoombar. Bugfix for “framesize”specification not divisible by 4 ina single case. Labels not being correctlyasynchronously updated has been fixed. Vwindow code fix thataffected Resource media being dragged to timeline when no Viewerwindow. Fixed overlay YUV problemintroduced on a rework from Monty's original code addition. Putback dropped build parts such as large file support fixfor 32-bit (as discovered by Andrew). Improved dumpcapture to make debugging user problems more descriptive. Masking interpolation wasbeing handled incorrectly for mode and now is correct. Keyframe alignment fixed –align cursor to frame side setting affects auto keyframe creation. Fixed  bug where unalignedkeyframe is selection target, but new aligned keyframe createdinstead. The Settings pulldown menuresizing operation left some buttons cut off and is now better. Russian translation hashad some more key translated phrases added by Igor_Ubuntu. Compiler warning cleanupsfor various distros (all distros were upgraded prior to builds). Some submenus were notworking properly for popup submenu items and has now been fixed.8. SVGs for all ofthe background themes has been lengthened from 750 to 880with credit to Igor for all of that tediouswork). 
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