[CinCV TNG] Improve Cinelerra user-friendliness

W P BADFLAGELLO at hotmail.it
Wed Sep 28 17:16:05 CEST 2016

This message is aimed at both versions of Cin, CV and GG. Cinelerra is known among linux users as being really hard to use even for simple tasks (just check Twitter and you will see how many tweets regarding Cinelerra are about its hard-to-understand nature).

I know Cinelerra is a professional tool and as every professional tools have a steep learning curve but I think it would be nice to find out what users find especially complex int he software and see if there is room for improvements. Please note I do not mean to dumb-down Cinelerra, just improve the user experience (according to user's feedback). For instance for many people (me included) having to write lines of code just to make Cinelerra use a popular code it is really difficult and maybe will just be put off.

Improving users' experience would be beneficial because Cinelerra could attract more users and maybe developers too. Professional softwares like Blender (which have many developers though) or GIMP (few devs) have been able to improve the user experience while retaining their "pro" nature.

Posting a poll on the website asking something "What do you think should be improved in Cinelerra?" or "How can we make Cinelerra better/easier to use?" and allow multiple answers, could be a good way to know what users really think and would like to see in Cinelerra.

ps: I would like to write some documentation about new plugins in GG version and if someone tells me if there are some guidelines (e.g pics yes or pics no?How big?and so on) I will document the functions of some FFMPEG plugins.


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