[CinCV TNG] Create 16x9 video from 4x3 sources

Terje J. Hanssen terje at nordland-teknikk.no
Tue May 17 22:13:00 CEST 2016

My SD video sources is 4:3, while to-days HDTV flatscreens and 
PC-display are 16:9

When rendering DVD and Blu-ray I wonder how to create wide 16x9 formats 
with correct geometry to keep a circle a circle and not an elipse.

Cinelerra 5.1 Settings> Format window contain Aspect ratio input fields
and File>DVD render or BD render window contains button for aspect 16x9

What is the preferred option to create 16x9 from 4x3 sources and what 
happends, i.e the top and bottom parts are cropped ?

Terje J. H

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