[CinCV TNG] 5.1 BETA merge now available

Good Guy good1.2guy at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 22:55:46 CET 2016

Cinelerra 5.0 now is BETA “Cinelerra 5.1” with these changes:

Merged in Operators and Methods from Adam's HV version      AND
Merged in User Interface Characteristics from CV      WHERE POSSIBLE.

Tarballs are in directory Danny set up -including a ubuntu 32-bit version:
(at this time, not sure if it is beneficial to clear out .bcast5 first)

Attempted to make the behavior of 5.1 as close to what is expected in the
stable CV version, but sometimes there were conflicts and a decision had to
be made to go the way CV code went or the way the HV code went.  It can be
changed if an incorrect decision was made.

Partial listing of which  CV/HV characteristics are now in and operational:

Apply Masks before plugins
Last Play position memory (new feature)
Free movement of fragments
Now there is 4 Selectable  Keyframes on curve types (superset CV&HV)
Label Anchor support
Lock labels from moving
Free Drag of Plugins (new feature)
Zoom Bar enhancements
Label Folder support
Asset Interlace support code (not sure how to test though)
Label Info Edit support
XML tag closer present
A toggle full selection Off as well as On (new feature)
Manual GoTo support
Reel Number / Timecode Support
Auto interpolation methods are now superset of CV and HV
Export EDL support
Fade-to-black via the fade histogram (render follows the compositor)
Images can be extended by dragging each edge of clip (with default duration)
Length of a transition is now displayed visually on the track.
Curve zoom can be set independently for different automation ranges
Allow for manually setting the min/max levels via typing for curve zoom
Shortcut to move tracks down and up via shift+down or shift+up
Dragging an effect “onto” a clip now shows the clip existing on the track
for the length of that clip (was for length of entire track previously)
Ability to choose to render the whole project, selected area or in/out
points (was render from the current cursor point)

Also, many bug fixes and code improvements that have gone into the Stable
CV version over many years, from many great developers are now in.  And
found some new problems that got fixed.

Tested what I knew how to but NEEDS MORE TESTING because it sure helps to
have multiple people and real users who know how to take advantage of all
of the modifications that the Stable CV version has in it.
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